Thursday , 17 June 2021

Imperial “Fuels What Matters” with $10K donation to DMSCC

Imperial Oil wrapped up their Fuel What Matters charity event the past week which saw the oil giant raise funds in the name of bringing awareness for mental health issues.

The event came about as a result of concerns for the quality of mental health amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the hope of combating stigmas.

“If this year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of having a network and resources in place to help heal and maintain a healthy mind during this unpredictable and unprecedented time,” said Laura Bishop, communication and community investment manager for Imperial.

“This year that we’ve had, we’ve all become more aware of the impacts of mental health challenges, and that they extend beyond just ourselves — they can impact a whole community.”

As part of their efforts, Imperial selected 14 communities across Canada they operate in, and chose a mental health care provider for a donation, funded through their speedpass+ app, which donated $5 from every download.

Each community had the chance to receive up to $10,000, with a total of $140,000 in potential donations in recognition of Imperial’s 140th anniversary.

In the Lakeland, it was the Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre in Cold Lake that got selected, which successfully received the full $10,000.

“We chose Cold Lake’s Crisis Centre because beyond the key community members they work with, they also help educate and empower the whole community, which offers opportunities for everyone to learn how to make healthier lifestyle changes,” said Bishop.

“I’ve struggled in the past with keeping it together at times, and I certainly leaned on local support services as well as close family and friends to get me through.”

The Fuel What Matters event wasn’t the first time Imperial’s invested in community issues, having a history of investing into Canadian communities, having put $15 million towards areas of innovation and sustainability, Indigenous leadership and capacity building, and strong operating communities.

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