Tuesday , 3 August 2021
Lac La Biche

Only one fatal pedestrian collision in 10 years in LLB

October is pedestrian safety month in Lac La Biche, and luckily for the hamlet, there has only been one fatal pedestrian collision in the past 10 years.

Manager of Enforcement Services, Chris Clark, says the reason is how the roadways have been designed, and the lower population density.

“Part of the reason why it’s safer in Lac La Biche is because we have less traffic, and our pathways don’t have a lot of intersecting roadways, and also a lower population base rate,” said Clark.

Animal collisions in the Lakeland area are common. In rural Alberta, drivers are 50% more likely to hit an animal than another human being or vehicle.

“To the west of town we deal with a lot of moose collision, and to the north of town it’s a lot of deer and bear collisions as well. So we need motorists to be aware of that, and to make sure their headlights are working, that they are looking into the ditch line, and going the speed limit,” said Clark.

For pedestrian safety month, County peace officers will be out reminding drivers to be cautious on the roads and to always watch out for pedestrians.

“We want drivers to be attentive while driving, especially in the mornings and evenings. Since we are in October, it is getting darker earlier,” said Clark.

“Another thing that drivers can do is to always have their windshields clean to improve visibility.

“With pedestrians, we recommend them to wear light coloured clothing so motorists can see them, and to always make sure the vehicles are at a complete stop before starting to cross the street.”

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