Friday , 7 May 2021
Some areas at Kinosoo Beach could be specifically designated to allow alcohol use.

Cold Lake to consider allowing alcohol consumption in select parks

User groups and Liqour Act changes will bring this decision to city council.

The City of Cold Lake will consider allowing the consumption of alcohol in picnic areas of City-owned and operated parks, following an amendment to the provincial Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act in June.

The Act, which previously stated that municipalities could designate areas of public parks for the consumption of alcohol with food, has been amended to remove the requirement that liquor only be permitted when consumed with food.

“The general rule is that liquor cannot and should not be consumed in most public places,” said Mayor Craig Copeland in a press release Friday.

“We’re not considering allowing parties in the parks or large public gatherings with liquor or anything of the sort.

“But for example, if responsible people wanted to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine in a designated area of a public park while having a picnic or watching the sunset, this amendment allows us to consider allowing that in City parks.”

Some user groups, like slow pitch, have expressed interest in this for games at Imperial Park, said Copeland.

“There are certain areas at Imperial Park that could be designated and people could have a drink, and certain designated spots down at the beach,” he said.

“Those are the areas you’re looking at more so or is this going to be…there’ll be really specific designated areas. ”

The Act requires municipalities designate specific area(s) of the park and time(s) of day in which alcohol can be consumed.

Signage would be required, explicitly stating when and where liquor consumption is permitted.

All other laws regarding public intoxication, littering, cannabis use, etc. would continue to be enforced to ensure all residents and visitors are able to enjoy our parks.

City Council will discuss the changes to the Act and possible implementation of designated liquor consumption zones at an upcoming meeting.

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