Monday , 2 August 2021

Community Awareness Night in St. Paul is a go

Just under thirty not-for-profit and community groups will be attending Community Awareness Night according to Town of St. Paul FCSS director Lynn Smid.

She said it’s likely to be a lot of the same groups who have traditionally attended the long standing event in previous years.

“What we’re telling groups is that even if what they need to tell people is that they’re not doing anything just yet this is a great opportunity for them to make those connections within the community and for people who are new to our community to get connected and know they exist,” said Smid.

She said Town of St. Paul FCSS is “thankful to be able to facilitate something.”

In keeping with Alberta Health Services guidelines to reduce potential transmission of COVID-19 at community events, Smid said they are asking everyone who attends to wear a face mask and having a one way flow of traffic inside.

“There’s going to be hand sanitizer at the door, the tables will be socially distanced and we’ve asked our community organizations to just send one representative to the event. We’ve also extended the hours a bit later in the evening so hopefully everyone will still be able to make it through,” said Smid.

She noted they are also capping admission to 50 people at a time and will be keeping track at the door.

“Community Awareness Night really is an excellent way to know what’s happening in the community and to make those connections. We want to keep our community safe, but we also recognize that people still need to be connected, so what we’re trying to do is support our community in keeping engaged and connected safely,” said Smid.

Community Awareness Night will be taking place Tuesday, Sept. 22 from 5:00-9:00 p.m. at the St. Paul Recreation Centre.

About Meredith Kerr

Meredith Kerr moved to St. Paul for a career in journalism and morning radio in 2014 expecting to stay for six months to a year. Since then, she has put down roots in the form of a husband, a mortgage, two babies, and a poorly behaved dog. She continues to work as a reporter until such time as she finishes her book and becomes fabulously wealthy from the royalties. Meredith also serves as a member at large on the St. Paul Library Board and volunteers as a Beaver leader for the 1st St. Paul Scout Group.