Saturday , 8 May 2021

Drive-in movie and fireworks in Cold Lake tomorrow

The City of Cold Lake is hosting a drive-in movie night at the Cold Lake Energy Centre followed by some fireworks after the credits roll.

It might be the city’s only fireworks celebration for the year.

Viewers can enjoy 2019’s Dumbo which will be shown on the silver screen.

“Doors” will open at 6:00pm, and signage will be posted along Highway 28 to help with the flow of traffic. City staff will be available for assistance.

The signs will also include the FM frequency that will need to be tuned into to watch the movie.

Attendees will be parked behind the Energy Centre in it’s back lot nearest to the soccer fields — spots for the showing are limited, so be sure to arrive early if you want to catch the film.

Attendees may watch the film from a truck bed or be sat beside their vehicle should they chose, but are asked to refrain from interacting with others as per AHS guidelines.

Concessions will also be absent from the event, so be sure to bring something to eat and drink, but there will be port-a-poties.

While there is a cap in place for the film due to the limited space of the back parking lot, anyone not interested in the film that wants to see the fireworks show can park somewhere in the front lot as well as Imperial Park once parking opens at 9:30pm

The fireworks will be fired from the Grand Stands at the centre’s north end.

They will be choreographed to music which will be broadcast over the same station being used to project the film’s audio, but the frequency will be available on the City of Cold Lake’s Facebook page as well.

The fireworks will kick off around 10pm.

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