Tuesday , 11 May 2021

Vet clinic prepares to open in Bonnyville soon

Bonnyville will be getting a new veterinary clinic sometime in the coming months in the form of Magnolia Veterinary Services.

The clinic will be owned and operated by husband and wife Cordell and Amanda Ackert, a pair of farmers and animal lovers that enjoy spending time with their pets and four-year old son.

“We saw the need for another clinic in the area because we were seeing that one just wasn’t enough for the area we’re serving,” said Amanda. “For me personally I also needed a bit of a change from what I was doing.”

The clinic is located at 4406 68 St., just south of Tim Horton’s on the west-end of town.

Amanda is a University of Saskatchewan graduate that came to Bonnyville in 2011 to work as a veterinary, while Cordell is a volunteer firefighter out of For Kent.

Both are big believers in community involvement.

The clinic will be offering services and procedures geared towards farm calls, in addition to the those typically found in most clinics, and will aim to use equipment that will allow for other services that are otherwise not available in the area.

The couple got the name Magnolia from Amanda’s horse George, an off-the-track thoroughbred who was called “Magnolia Lane” in his racing days.

Sadly, the couple said that the upcoming winter would likely be George’s last.

“He’s a very old boy, and he’s had a good life, but the amount of arthritis, joint pain, and muscle pain he has, it’s just not worth putting him through it anymore,” said Cordell. “So the name Magnolia is a nice way to start new, but remember the old at the same time.”

While the couple is hoping to open Magnolia’s doors as soon as possible, both are thinking it’s going to be awhile yet before they’re ready to welcome patients.

They’re hoping to celebrate the clinic’s opening with a celebration provided AHS guidelines allows such a thing.

“At this point, we’re just hoping to make it through the school week,” Cordell joked. “But really it depends on what’s going on with COVID. We just wanna open the doors and then have to deal with police officers coming in and saying ‘you can’t do this’.”

“We’d always envisioned a big grand opening, but it might be a little smaller,” added Amanda. “But you know not every ‘grand opening’ has to happen on the opening day, so who knows what we might do. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Updates on an opening date and any other updates for the clinic can be found on their Facebook page.

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