Monday , 27 September 2021

Lac La Biche FCSS hosting art classes for teens and seniors

In August, FCSS will be hosting two art classes that will be taught by Pierre Oberg, the Fine Arts Instructor at Portage College.

The classes are available for teens between the ages of 13 to 17.

On August 11, 12, and 13, Oberg will teach the fundamentals of drawing, and on August 18, 19, and 20, the group will learn how to paint landscapes with watercolour. Oberg is also teaching a watercolour landscape painting class that will be available for seniors on August 19.

Oberg has been the Fine Arts Instructor at Portage College for five years, and knows the importance art can play in people’s lives.

“I was always drawn to creating things with my hands, and I was very blessed because I was always around very encouraging people. They just helped me with my path as a creative person,” said Oberg.

“There are so many intrinsic benefits to art. The great thing about when you go out and draw some life, you sort of slow down, you relax, and you make friends. Drawing with others is a great thing because it helps people develop empathy and compassion for others, as well as for yourself, which is a great skill to have.”

For all art classes that are being offered, Oberg encourages people of all skill levels to attend.

“The classes are a collaborative and inclusive effort. We are all going to be teachers, and we are all going to be learners,” said Oberg.

“If we are open to that and what everyone brings to the table, it’s going to be a richer experience for everybody.”

To sign up for the classes, contact Christine Martin at [email protected], or call at 780-520-7183.

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