Wednesday , 5 October 2022
McArthur Place

Public attendance at LLB County meetings resumes

Lac La Biche County Council Meetings are now opening their doors up to the public again.

Since COVID-19 restrictions are lifting, residents can now sit in on the regular council meetings, as opposed to the online zoom meetings that were put in place a few months ago to help lower the risk of spreading the virus.

There will be less seating then before as the chairs will be further apart to adhere to social distancing regulations.

Residents that are not comfortable attending a council meeting in-person because they are immunocompromised or aren’t wanting to risk being exposed to the virus can still attend electronically.

For those that do want to attend in person have to register before 4:30 pm the day before to secure their spot.

The next regular Council Meeting is on July 28.

To register, call Legislative Services at 780-623-1747.

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