Thursday , 17 June 2021

Drive-in movie dates coming for St. Paul and Elk Point

After hosting a drive-in event last month, St. Paul will have further movie events throughout the summer along with Elk Point.

The films come courtesy of the County of St. Paul and Elk Point FCSS, who will be showing three separate films at different locations across July and August.

The 2019 animated Addams Family, staring Oscar Issac and Charlize Theron, will be the first film shown Friday at the Stoney Lake Rodeo Grounds.

Trolls: World Tour will then be shown on July 17th at Ferguson Flats, and the remake of The Lion King will be showing at the Elk Point Fire Hall for August 21st.

Each film will begin at dusk, and will not feature any kind of attendance cap.

The FCSS usually hosts around seven outdoor movies events for the summer months, complete with free popcorn, but had to cut back in response to AHS guidelines addressing COVID-19.

Attendees will be asked to remain in their cars for the duration of the event, though having windows rolled down is permitted. Only members of a single household are permitted to occupy a single vehicle.

Only the necessary workers may exit their vehicles.

Food vendors and public washrooms are projected to remain closed for the events, though this could change given time.

For updates on the showings and locations, check out the St. Paul and Elk Point FCSS Facebook page.

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