Thursday , 17 June 2021

Fines coming for left-hand turns on main roads LLB

Lac La Biche County Peace Officers want to remind residents that making left-hand turns across street lines on the main roads is illegal, and if caught, residents will face a $155 fine.

Chris Clark, manager of enforcement services, says they catch anywhere from three to five people a day making the illegal left-hand turn.

There has been an increase, and it’s been an ongoing issue for years,” says Clark. 

“It’s unsafe. It increases the risk of collision because people that are backing out of the parking stalls don’t expect someone to cross behind them coming from the opposite direction.” 

Another reason making the left-hand turn is illegal, is because it can hold up traffic, which can make the roads unsafe for pedestrians.

“When vehicles have to wait to make the left-hand turn, it backs up traffic and that can also cause safety concerns for pedestrians and also other vehicles,” said Clark.

“We want to make sure people are being safe on the roads, and making that turn is putting you and others at risk for a collision. So we want people to either park on the side of the road that they are already on, or go around the block and park in front of the business you choose to go to.”

For questions or concerns, contact the Lac La Biche Peace Officers complaint line at 780-623-6767.

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