Monday , 21 June 2021

Lakeland Humane Society enter Phase 2 of re-opening

The Lakeland Humane Society (LHS) announced that it will be moving forward with reopening plans.

The LHS will roll out the first stage of their phase two procedure Monday June 22nd.

“We’re really excited to have volunteers come and help us with our dogs,” said resource and program coordinator Tiffany Postma.

“Being out and socializing with people besides our care workers is so important to their development.”

The LHS will be allowing volunteers to take dogs on walks so long as they’ve applied and been approved.

Walks will be leash-only until further notice.

Approved volunteers will have to call to book an appointment in the morning of the days they wish to go out.

They’ll then be paired with the dog they’re best suited to, however, the LHS stresses that there are limited animals and appointments available, so things might not always work out.

Adoptions and meet-and-greets will also take precedence over walks.

If a dog scheduled for a meet-and-greet is requested for a walk, the walk will be re-scheduled.

Those coming in to meet with potential pets will have 30 minutes to get to know the animal, and will need to keep their party limited to no more than four.

Staff will use the time between visits to clean the room.

You will need to be 16 or older to schedule a walk and meet-and-greet, or be accompanied by an adult.

Facilities still unavailable include the exercise pen, as well as the cat building with the exception of adoptions.

When asked about plans going forward, Postma said there’s nothing concrete.

“Ideally we want to open more of the building, but until we get further along in Phase 2 and see the progress other humane societies are having, we just won’t be able to talk about a stage two right now,” said Postma.

While plans are still hazy for the time being, Postma does hope that stage two would allow the Society to reopen its facilities completely.

To book an appointment with the LHS, call 780-594-1986

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