Wednesday , 30 September 2020
Erin Berland performing at Music in the Forest during the Festival of Speed

All summer performances have been cancelled for Music in the Forest

Music in the Forest’s summer line-up has been officially cancelled because of COVID-19 and social distancing regulations. 

Altogether, there have been seven performances that were cancelled. These musicians include, Von Bieker, Sweet Santa Fe, Andrew Judah, Rory Taillon, Casati, Louise, Lately, Brooklyn Doran. 

There are no concrete plans as to when the next Music in the Forest concert will be.

“We hope to continue ‘Music in the Forest’ sometime in either Fall 2020 or kick off the new year 2021 with performances,” said Jaclyn Denman, the Regional Development Officer for Alberta Parks.

“It all depends on the roll out of further stages by the CMHO, social distancing recommendations, and of course the availability of performers to travel to Lac La Biche as well.”

Denman is looking forward to the day that Music in the Forest can start back up again, and she is hoping to have all the cancelled musicians rescheduled at some point.

“We definitely are looking at having these and other artists return to our venues when we are able to offer programming and special events again in the future,” said Denman.

Music in the Forest is hosted by Alberta Parks and Side Door Promotions, and it is held at Alberta Parks Community Facility. The intimate venue has seen the likes of F&M, Blaeser, and Lac La Biche local Erin Berland. 

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