Saturday , 12 June 2021
Image credit: Smyl Motors.

Dean Smyl named St. Paul Canadiens’ new GM

Image credit: Smyl Motors. 

Dean Smyl has become the new general manager for the St. Paul Canadiens following a long history with the team.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge. These things don’t come easy, and I’m very excited to be in this position,” said Smyl.

Among Smyl’s responsibilities will be bringing aboard new talent, as well as meeting the needs of players and head coach Shawn Germain, acting as a go-between the team and the board.

Smyl has been involved with the Canadiens for over 30 years.

He first got involved with the team as a youth between 1987-1988.

Later at 22-years-old, he coached the team for three years and returned as an assistant coach years later for another three.

Until his election to general manager, he served as a board member for the team.

Smyl hopes to do his part in leading the team back to a championship, which has not happened in decades.

“I truly believe we have some of the best coaches and coaching staffs in northeastern Alberta–if not all of Alberta. Shawn Germain and his group are in it to win it, and I wanna add my piece to help the team win this league,” said Smyl.

When asked when spectators could expect to see the Canadiens back on the ice, Smyl said that he doesn’t predict there will any games until the “big boys” in the NHL resume normal play, though he remains eager to get started.

The Canadiens defeated long-running NEAJBHL champions in the Wainwright Bisons to punch their ticket to the league-final against the first-place Lac La Biche Clippers before COVID-19 started.

“Last year we were very close. I think we would’ve given Lac La Biche a run for their money. We got some key people working on recruiting, and so far they’ve all been keen on coming to St. Paul.”

Currently all hockey activities are on hold across the nation, with the NHL looking to finish this year in a designated city, for which Edmonton is on the short list.

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