Saturday , 17 April 2021

SPERD lays off over 100 support staff employees

On March 28, 2020, as a response to COVID-19 pandemic, the Provincial Government adjusted K-12 funding to all School Boards by 14%. There was also a reduction in funding to transportation by 51%. St Paul Education’s total funding reduction was $778,686, and unfortunately, this resulted in the layoff of over 100 full time equivalent support staff employees.


The Board of Trustees certainly recognizes the work of all its employees during these uncertain times and hopes to rehire many of our people back when students eventually return to the classroom. Despite the layoffs being effective today, April 7, we were able to pay these employees for the full month of April and also continue their benefits for May and June.


Fortunately, the Division was able to retain a number of our Educational Assistants to support all students, including those with unique learning needs.


St. Paul Education acknowledges the many challenges we face in our community during

these unprecedented times. The health and safety of everyone is paramount and we wish you the best.

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