Don’t flush baby wipes or paper towels down the toilet, said Copeland

Cold Lake is urging people to be careful what they flush away because it could have consequences.

Mayor Craig Copeland emphasized not flushing baby wipes, paper towels, or other hygiene products down the toilet.

“When people are flushing those products, everybody’s got to remember that your plumbing goes underneath your house. And those pipes typically aren’t very big,” said Copeland on The Morning After on Thursday.

“You’re responsible as a ratepayer, for clogging of your system up to the road. Then after that, it’s the municipality’s issue but we are seeing an increase in baby wipes and products coming down the drain.”

Toilet paper should be the only thing going down the drain, he said.

Instead, throw those items in the garbage.

Morning After with Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland

The Morning After with City of Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland. -Deferrals on taxes-Budget 2020-Crime prevention enhanced -Don't flush baby wipes, paper towel -Transit

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Thursday, March 26, 2020