Bonnyville Medical Clinic rolling out virtual appointments

The Bonnyville Medical Clinic is now taking virtual appointments.

While they’re still doing in-person appointments, that might no longer be an option in the face of COVID-19, so they’re booking phone and virtual appointments into this week.

Gerri Abraham, office manager, Bonnyville Medical Clinic said virtual appointments could be happening next week.

In the meantime, when you book an appointment you’ll get a time and then your physician will call you.

“The biggest message to get out to our community is we’re still here. We can still see you. We are still doing face to face in the clinic, but it might come that we can’t do that anymore,” said Abraham.

“The face-to-face [virtual] ones are coming, they’re just not here yet.”

You can call 780-826-3346 ext. 301 to book a virtual care appointment.