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M.D. Council Highlights


COUNCIL HIGHLIGHTS February 5 & 12, 2020

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Kinosoo Ridge Adventure Park Moving Forward

At its February 5 Committee meeting, Council agreed to forego waiting for federal grant of $800,000 to help build the proposed Adventure Park at Kinosoo Ridge, and instead decided to add the funds to the 2020 budget using money from reserves.


Planning and Development Update

After a Public Hearing, Council gave Second and Third readings to Land Use Bylaw 572, approving a number of amendments to the Land Use Bylaw (Bylaw 1667). An updated version of the Land Use Bylaw will be available on the M.D. website by the end of February. In January 2020, P & D took in 13 building permits for a total of $954,805. During the same month, 34 permits for plumbing, gas and sewer were issued. Council gave First and Second reading to Bylaw 1744 for the Renewal of Lease Agreements for Municipal Leased Lands. Once the bylaw passes, the nine leases will be renewed for a three-year term.


Parks, Recreation & Culture Updates

At the February 5 Committee meeting, Council awarded the tender for the Bonnyville Outdoor Multi-Purpose Recreation Park Schematic Design to Select Engineering for a cost of $69,985. The design will provide information on site and preliminary transportation assessments, opportunities and constraints and a preliminary cost analysis.


Assessment Review Boards News

At its Committee meeting February 5, Council agreed to appoint Cliff Martin, Delano Tolley and Ron Young to the M.D.’s Local Assessment Review (LARB) and Composite Assessment Review boards (CARB). Council also appointed Alexa Prodaniuk as clerk for the Assessment Review Board. First and second reading was given to Bylaw 1742 to establish a LARB and Bylaw 1743 to establish a CARB.

Funding Support

At the February 5 Committee meeting, Council approved funding for Canada Day 2020 celebrations for the Town of Bonnyville ($5,000), City of Cold Lake ($5,000) and Village of Glendon ($1,000).

Meeting Cancellations

Council approved the cancellation of the following meetings due to schedule conflicts and statutory holidays in 2020: November 11 Council meeting, and the March 18, July 1 and November 4 Committee meetings.


At the February 5 Committee meeting, Council adopted the new Developed Road Allowance Brush and Vegetation Control Policy, which will establish a 20-year plan for the road allowance maintenance. A copy of the policy can be found on our website at www.md.bonnyville.ab.ca/419/Policies. Council will be meeting with representatives of the RCMP’s K Division during the RMA conference in March. Topics of the meeting will include rural patrols, granting community Peace Officers more authority and finding out how many of the new 300 RCMP rural positions will be designated to the Bonnyville/Cold Lake Region. At the February 12 meeting, Council agreed to write a letter of support for MCSnet to apply for funding through the CRTC Broadband Fund to upgrade the existing network in the region. At the invitation from local schools, Council members will be making presentations on local government to students in Grade 6.

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