Kinosoo Blizzards ski team bringing home medals

Gaston Ducharme, Everett Pawlowski and Claire Levesque preparing for the Ski Cross event at the kickoff to Alberta Winter Games last weekend. Image submitted.

The Kinosoo Blizzards ski team has been busy in competitions the past couple of weeks, bringing home some hardware and ribbons in the process.

Skiers went to the North Zone Regional Race Series in Edmonton on Feb. 1.

Blizzard ski racers Anick Levesque, Claire Levesque and Zoe Schafer took part in 2×2 run sprint format slalom races, with Anick earning a 4th place ribbon in the event.

The next day in the North Zone Nancy Greene Race Series racers took part in two one-run panelled slalom races in the morning, with a dual slalom team event in the afternoon.

That saw three competitors finish their runs in the top three with Michael Levesque earning gold.

  • Michael Levesque, 11M, 1st and 5th place
  • Annabelle Iverson, 9F, two 3rd place finishes
  • Dylan Dechaine 10M, 3rd and 6th place
  • Sophie Iverson, 6F, two 4th place finishes
  • Eva Schafer 11F, 4th and 5th place
  • Daniel Jajuee 10M, 6th and 9th place
  • Elizabeth Dechaine, 6F, 7th and 8th place
  • Rosaline Iverson, 8F, 9th place


Michael Levesque receiving his 1st place medal. Image submitted.

The Alberta Winter Games unofficially began last week with skiing competitions at the Canyon Ski Resort in Red Deer.

Gaston Ducharme, Everett Pawlowski and Claire Levesque represented the Blizzards and Zone 7 at the U14 competition along with Fort McMurray racers.

They raced two slalom and giant slalom races with Pawlowski returned with a silver medal for his effort.

Everett Pawlowski with his second place ski cross medal. Image submitted.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, 15 Blizzard ski racers took part in an Alberta Alpine Ski Cross team event that consisted of heats of four racers, with points awarded for each run at Sunridge Ski Area.

The team came in 3rd place which consisted of: Elizabeth Dechaine, Dylan Dechaine, Aiden Ilchuk, Reese Ilchuk, Rosie Iverson, Sophie Iverson, Annabelle Iverson, Reighynn Pawlowski, Ryley Holthe, Tyler Holthe, Jay Holthe, Samantha Hornseth, Daniel Jajuee, Madilyn Bowering and Jillian Bowering.