Thursday , 29 July 2021
Blue-green algae blooms in Moose Lake in 2018.

Moose Lake sampling results to be shared on Tuesday night

There could be more clarity on the lasting health of Moose Lake and the causes of the yearly algae blooms on Tuesday night.

Dr. John Holz from HAB Aquatic Solutions will be presenting the results of core sampling done this summer on the lake at the Centennial Centre’s Theatre Room at 7:30pm.

He will share his interpretation of what was found and what that means for the lake’s health and water quality, said said Kellie Nichiporik, MLWS president.

The MLWS contracted work this summer to gain a phosphorus budget to see if the lake is internally loaded with phosphorus, which could be the cause of yearly algae blooms.

“We’re looking at what’s naturally occurring in the bottom of lake,” she said.

“So all the phosphorus that’s stored in the sediments from the bottom and then the potential for them to fluctuate and be released into the water column which drives blue-green algae, and the algae blooms in the summertime.”

Holz was at the last annual general meeting of the watershed society and presented some outside options to consider for lake treatment.

But many of the causes still need to be examined further in order to find the solution.

Nichiporik encourages residents to come out to the presentation.

“Just to have a better understanding of our lake and to see what kind of potential we have and where we can go in the future and how to remediate this. It’s putting us one step forward to having a better understanding of our lake and what we can do with it,” she said.

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