Wednesday , 30 November 2022
BCHS held their Santa's Elves wrapping get together on Wednesday.

BCHS Santa’s Elves wrap gifts for over 400 this Christmas

BCHS held their Santa’s Elves wrapping get together on Wednesday. 

Throughout the Christmas season, there are many struggling families in Bonnyville that have trouble purchasing gifts for their loved ones.

That is where Santa’s Elves from Bonnyville Centralized High School come in.

On Wednesday, the community was invited to the annual wrapping party hosted by BCHS at the Bonnyville Centennial Center.

Starting at the beginning of November, Santa’s Elves start the fundraising and collecting of gifts from community members.

Bins that have the Santa’s Elves logo on them are placed at businesses, around town, some who also fundraise, in hopes to collect enough toys for the wrapping party.

“We are wrapping for 416 kids this year,” said BCHS student Kendra Moore.

From birth to seventeen years old, Santa’s Elves make sure to provide the appropriate gift for the right age and gender.

Many staff members donate hours of their time to ensure the donations, sorting and wrapping of the gifts runs smoothly.

At the wrapping party, volunteers chose a table for their group to wrap.

“You go and get a family’s bag and then you come and wrap for each child in that family,” explains Moore.

The number of gifts needed varies each year.

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