Thursday , 29 July 2021

Urban Hens project continues in Elk Point

A pilot project to allow hens in yards within the town limits was approved in May, with the condition that the project be reviewed in November. Two families built hen houses and runs according to specifications set out in a bylaw.

In May, a group of town residents presented to town council in favour of urban hens. Residents in attendance felt Elk Point is an ideal location for young families who are looking for a greener lifestyle. With low housing prices and urban amenities in a rural environment, all Elk Point residents need is permission to keep a small number of laying hens in backyards.

Positive feedback from the hen owners and the community led Council to conclude that the project was successful. Hen owners admitted that the hens were “really just pets” because the cost of the shelters and feed made for “very expensive eggs.”

Council approved a maximum of 10 licences for the ownership of hens in the Town of Elk Point.

Before a homeowner is granted permission to own hens, 100% of neighbours whose residence is within 30 feet of the property must support the application.

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