Wednesday , 30 November 2022
Image submitted: Bonnyville RCMP.

Pack the PC raises 4800lbs and $2400 for Food Banks in Bonnyville and Cold Lake

Image submitted: Bonnyville RCMP.

“We’re trying to pack a police car today…and we’re just trying to get as many food donations as we can to help the local food bank,” said Bonnyville Staff Sergeant Sarah Parke.

Throughout the winter, both the Cold Lake and Bonnyville Food Banks run low on supplies leading into Christmas.

Both Cold Lake and Bonnyville RCMP detachments participate in Pack the Patrol Car annually to support the local food banks in the area.

The total weight of the food from the Bonnyville after the fundraiser was 3135 pounds. The $427 that was donated helped purchase baby wipes and diapers that went directly back to the truck.

An additional $700 in grocery gift cards were donated by Bonnyville residents and will help assist people in need throughout the holiday season.

Cold Lake had an equally successful food drive.

Their goal was partially to help people who had been affected by crisis.

“About four years ago, we helped a family that basically got their house broken into and they got Christmas presents stolen and even the Christmas turkey. Like a true Grinch story,” said Cold Lake Victim Services member David Zimmerman.

“So we were able to get them some gift cards to help salvage their Christmas. We’ve helped people that have had fires before Christmas and poverty-stricken people that just need a boost.”

The event packed eight police cars that were sent directly to Cold Lake Food Bank.

In total, 1647 pounds of food and other necessities were collected.

$1377 was collected for people who “need a boost” this holiday season.

November 30 marked Bonnyville RCMP’s second Pack The PC and Cold Lake’s sixth.

“Last year we showed up with one truck and halfway through the process we had to go get a second one,” said S/Sgt. Parke when asked about last year’s event.

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