Monday , 28 November 2022
Waterfront Harbour Bed and Breakfast

Waterfront Harbour B&B earns Global Hospitality Award

Waterfront Harbour Bed and Breakfast.

Lux Magazine has named their 2019 Best Boutique Bed and Breakfast winner and Waterfront Harbour Bed and Breakfast in Cold Lake earned the honour this November.

“We received an email saying we had been nominated for Lux Magazine’s Global Hospitality Award,” said Isabel Myshaniuk, owner of Waterfront Harbour.

“They explained that someone had nominated us and if we wanted to take part we just needed to send in some information about our B&B, which we did. We didn’t hear anything else for another month or two. And then just last month, we did get a notification that we had won the title for 2019,” she said.

So why the Waterfront Harbour? They give guests a personal experience.

“We make sure every guest, whoever comes in, we try to make their experience a personal experience and we do try to go above and beyond make sure that they’re treated well and have fabulous food and end up very comfortable,” said Shannon Schumacher, chef at the B&B.

Along with a gorgeous exterior, Waterfront Harbour contains five bedrooms with an array of styles.

Rooms for families, couples or individuals are available to keep each person happy.

The location of the bed and breakfast makes the Cold Lake Marina and beach easily accessible to guests.

Schumacher, the chef of the bed and breakfast also gets her inspiration for new and exciting foods from Pinterest.

She finds herself experimenting with new recipes to provide a sweet or savory breakfast to suit the guest’s needs.

Open year-round, Waterfront Harbour encourages long term bookings for the summer and winter months.

“Pretty much every guest that we’ve ever had has been an awesome person,” says Myshaniuk.

Low prices and professional treatment makes Waterfront Harbour Bed and Breakfast a favourite destination for tourists or Lakeland residents.

Lux Magazine is luxury lifestyle magazine that “offers you a glimpse into the world of the glamorous.”

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