Thursday , 2 December 2021

Odd smell in Bonnyville explained

An explanation for an odd smell that lingered in Bonnyville Tuesday has been given. 

The town of Bonnyville has received word from Apberta Environment and Parks (AEP), stating that they had come to the conclussion the smell was from a local company.

Originally it was believed the source was some wellheads at a shop but found that it was actually a company on 55 Ave.

The company had received several large valves from an oil & gas facility and one was not properly cleaned / drained before being sent into them so when it was opened up the remnants of what were inside created a very strong odor in their shop.

The company opened the bay doors of the shop to try air it out and that’s when the southern wind blew this smell into town and created all the odor calls.

AEP is taking over the investigation from there as far as preventing this type of incident from happening again.

All of the odor calls received have been completed, there may still be some coming in as the smell is still lingering in town.

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