Saturday , 23 October 2021
Image credit: Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority.

Fort Kent and Ardmore Fire Halls construction could begin soon

After restarting the engineering, the Fort Kent and Ardmore Fire Halls construction project could begin soon.

The M.D. of Bonnyville council approved the tender for the fire halls project at Wednesday’s meeting for just under $5 million.

The initial projections for the project was to begin construction in spring 2019.

“This has been a long process. But finally, these fire halls are going to be built,” said Sawchuk.

“That’s going to be exciting. They’re going to be good looking buildings in the hamlets and I think people will be happy to have them.”

The original intention for the fire halls was to include a two-bay fire hall, training classrooms, storage, and office space.

The M.D. public works department would also be using the space.

“They should be starting right away. The word is out and I would expect that the contractor will get on it pretty quick,” said Sawchuk.

The Morning After with Reeve Greg Sawchuk

Beaver River Drainage

Drainage work at Beaver River and Range Road 454 has been awarded to be completed by the end of the year for just under $800,000.

“This was a drainage project that was done last year,” said Sawchuk.

“It had a failure. Alberta Environment came back and said fix the failure. A new engineering firm went out and designed something else. And so that’s going to be done here as well right away.”

The engineering budget was approved on June 19.

The contractors will be constructing a drainage ditch/gully and other erosion control works at the south bank of the Beaver River and Range Road 454.

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