Saturday , 23 October 2021

Halloween safety tips from the St. Paul RCMP

The St. Paul RCMP would like to take the time to remind everyone to have a safe and happy Halloween.  In doing so we would like everyone to be aware of the following safety tips;
  • Wear bright costumes with reflective tape or glow sticks.
  • Wear face paint instead of masks as masks have the ability to impair your visions and hearing
  • Wear properly fitted costumes and footwear
  • If your costume has weapons make sure it is obvious that they are fake
  • Carry a flashlight
  • Be accompanied by a trusted adult
  • Carry a cell phone if you are unaccompanied by an adult
  • Travel in groups if you are unsupervised
  • Always walk on sidewalks
  • Stay on one side of the street then safely cross the street to the houses on the other side.  Do not crisscross back- and-forth.
  • Stay in well-lit areas
  • Plan a route and stick to it.  Do not take shortcuts.
  • Never enter a strangers’s house or vehicle
  • Never eat treats that have not been inspected by an adult.
  • Know the places along the route where it is safe to go for help.
  • Have fun.
Sgt. Graham of the St. Paul RCMP added “We will be out patrolling on Halloween, to help ensure that everyone has a fun and safe night, with any luck the weather will cooperate”.

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