Sunday , 26 September 2021

Assumption School students Trick or Treat for the Food Bank

This coming Halloween, students from Assumption School will be going around Cold Lake Trick or Treating.

Their Trick or Treating will be slightly different from the rest of Cold Lake.

Rather than collecting candy and other sweet treats, the students will be collecting non-perishable food donations.

“We do this in order to give some food to the food bank, because right now, Thanksgiving has just passed and usually the Food Banks don’t have as much food in them. So we need to prepare for Christmas,” explains Rhys Hiar, who’s in the leadership group for Assumption School.

In order to support the Cold Lake Food Bank, the students will go door-to-door and request as much food as they can.

Thirty students will embark throughout Cold Lake on the hopefully sunny evening.

Halloween for Hunger is a project than many schools and other businesses participate in.

This is their second annual Halloween for Hunger and the success rate from last year was astounding.

Over 2000 non-perishable food items were collected this past year.

Students will be dressed in elaborate costumes in order to keep the idea of Trick or Treating present in the fundraising.

The overall point of the event is to promote the community and encourage them to assist the food bank.

“We’ll be counting up all the food, November 1st, and then we’ll probably be dropping it off sometime within the week,” says Hiar.

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