Thursday , 21 October 2021
City council and members from the Cold Lake Communities in Bloom committee and the national committee recognize Cold Lake's participation on the national stage.

Cold Lake earns national 5-bloom score for city’s beauty

City council and members from the Cold Lake Communities in Bloom committee and the national judges recognize Cold Lake’s participation on the national stage. Image submitted: City of Cold Lake.

Cold Lake city council congratulated the volunteers who helped bring a five-bloom National Communities in Bloom ranking and a National Capital Commission Award for floral displays to the city last month.

“The dedication of the Cold Lake Communities in Bloom volunteers, our staff, and the public at large has gone a long way in beautifying the city over the years,” Mayor Craig Copeland said.

“For anyone who is familiar with Cold Lake, the award for floral displays is no surprise, but it is important that the hard work and dedication that goes into beautifying the city each year is recognized.”

The city’s Communities in Bloom Committee worked with city staff to ensure the community participated in the 2019 National and International Communities in Bloom event.

Cold Lake participated in the 7,501–25,000 population category.

In the summer, Communities in Bloom judges visited the City of Cold Lake to evaluate the contributions made by council and the city’s departments, the volunteers, industry, business and the private sector.

Judges paid attention to the community’s tidiness, environmental action, heritage conservation, urban forestry, landscape and floral displays.

“In addition to the city’s annual hanging basket and floral display program, we’ve noticed over the years that more and more businesses are beautifying their storefronts and residences putting great effort into their landscaping,” Copeland said.

“It’s encouraging that these efforts are recognized not only locally, but now at the national level. I’d like to thank our volunteers, business community and our residents for the pride they show in our community because ultimately, it’s our strong sense of pride and community spirit that makes this a beautiful place to live.”

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