Lakeshore Drive – a one way street?

Image credit: City of Cold Lake.

A survey from the City of Cold Lake wants feedback on a major road in the city’s north end which could change it to a one-way or shared street.

Lakeshore Drive is due for upgrades or replacements, so the City is looking at ways to maximize the space with Kinosoo Beach and the lake.

Until Oct. 25., residents are invited to answer questions before the City begins with the next steps.

Mayor Craig Copeland said the sewer issues will have to be fixed and that comes with a big pricetag.

“We’ve got to get in there and fix some of the old infrastructure. We’re going to be about a $10 million fix.

“Part of the Lakeshore Drive we’re looking at is maybe an option of making one of them a one-way.

“We have an issue right along the bank of the lake up in the north part of Lakeshore. One option is to make the road up there one way with a wide walking boulevard. And so kind of the same design that we’ve done it Kinosoo Beach with nice grey stone.”

The nine-question survey can be found on the City’s Facebook page.

“We’re really looking at that. And we really want to make that a really scenic road.”