Sunday , 4 December 2022
Tristan Ilko, Duclos vice-principal, leads Drum Alive with students and teachers.

Duclos School celebrates Health and Wellness night

Tristan Ilko, Duclos vice-principal, leads drumming with students and teachers.

Last Thursday marked the fourth annual Health and Wellness night at Duclos School.

“This is just a great way to kick off the year,” says Mrs. Centazzo, principal at Duclos.

Health and Wellness night is a special evening that focuses on education and improving mental wellness in staff and students.

Two fundraisers were held. One was to raise funds for the sensory playground that is to be built. The other, for Princess Emma who was raising funds for the Kids With Cancer Society.

The attendees were able to donate any amount of money above one dollar and they then got lemonade from Princess Emma.

Tristan Ilko explained the reasoning for the fundraiser. “To support our sensory playground, and provide opportunities to kids, who do not always have the same capabilities to join in.”

Anyone who donated were able to pay five dollars and in return got to pie a teacher in the face.

Last month was Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month which is a big part in many of the attendees’ lives.

Painting, dancing, and other forms of art were some of the fun and engaging activities presented that night.

Many community sponsors came out in support of the event, including the Bonnyville Dragonfly Counselling and Support Center, the Friendship Center, Alberta Health Services, and the RCMP.

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