St. Dominic Elementary students learn about water and ecosystem in Stream of Dreams

St. Dominic Elementary School students are learning a new program this week.

Stream of Dreams, a program put on by LICA (Lakeland Industry and Community Association), is happening all week at St. Dominic.

Students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 are learning how to care for the waterways in the area and the importance of water in the ecosystem.

They finish by painting fish that will he placed on our fence later this week.

“Each classroom has a presentation about our waterways in the region and why water is important and how to look after it,” said Principal Michelle Kaminski.

“Then after that, each grade gets to paint their own fish that we’re going to attach to the fence.”

This outdoor mural is meant to serve as a lasting reminder to the students about what they learned in this program.

“The staff and students have just loved the program. The kids have learned a lot about the fish and the water in the area and to be able to also combine this with an art activity that we can share with the community is wonderful,” said Kaminski.

École Notre Dame Elementary School did Stream of Dreams last year.