Friday , 3 July 2020

MLA Hanson, fellow MLAs, Premier Kenney take pay cuts

MLA David Hanson is taking a pay cut.

The United Conservative Party passed a bill that cuts MLAs salaries by five per cent, while it sees Premier Jason Kenney’s compensation slashed by 10 per cent.

These were promised cuts, said MLA David Hanson.

“It’s just another one of those, I’ll keep using that phrase, promise made promise kept,” he said.

“But we did talk about it during the campaign, that was a commitment we made. It’s a matter of leading by example, that’s what Mr. Kenney said. Alberta is in a tight spot right now. And this is just a kind of a small move on our part anyway.”

The changes cut salaries for MLAs from $127,296 to $120,931 as of Aug. 6.

Although the bill was passed bipartisan, the NDP believes the UCP will use this cut in pay to rollback public sector wages in the fall.

They think the wage cuts are part of a political motivation.

Hanson disagrees.

“I don’t think so. We’ve been pretty clear in our platform to where we’re headed. And I guess until we see the what the finances are when that report comes out,” he said.

The report Hanson is referring to is expected Aug. 15.

It will break down the finances of the province, including debt and revenue, Hanson said.

Kenney’s pay was cut from $206,856 to $186,170.

Fuel and minor vehicle maintenance costs for MLA’s personal vehicles are not allowed to be expensed any more, while mileage rates are now seven cents a kilometre.

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