In Elk Point: RCMP tips are helping recover stolen property

In Elk Point – July 8, 2019

Tips lead to recoveries

Tips from residents in the Elk Point detachment have helped the RCMP to recover stolen property and to send seven people to jail, Sgt. Dave Henry told the Elk Point Town Council on July 8.

For example, a suspicious U-Haul that was reported to the RCMP turned out to be filled with stolen property, including copper wire.

Sgt. Henry again reminds people to mark their property, so that when it is recovered after a theft it can be returned to the rightful owners.

He also tells businesses to install video surveillance systems.

“These guys are slimy enough,” that they hide in bushes and wait for vehicles to go by, but video systems can catch them in the act, Sgt. Henry

Recently, incidents of siphoning gas have increased, and videos can help identify the thieves.

Sgt. Henry also encouraged the Town to support the Bylaw Enforcement Officer in receiving training as a Community Peace Officer (CPO).

Currently, highway law infractions, such as speeding or parking in handicapped zones or the fire lane, have to be submitted to the RCMP, who open a file, assign an officer, and may spend time in court if a ticket is contested.

Sgt. Henry suggested that the RCMP time would be better spent on solving crimes, while a CPO could issue tickets directly.

Former RCMP building soon for sale

The former RCMP detachment building “may be declared surplus in the near future” according to a letter from Public Services and Procurement Canada.

Before it is offered for sale to the general public, the property “may be conducive to official language minority communities.”

The Town of Elk Point has been asked to determine if any group would fit this description and if the Town would be “interested in the acquisition of this property.” It will be assessed at market value. Council determined that they are not in a position to purchase property at this time.

Town office hours at status quo

Council discussed keeping Elk Point Town Office open at lunchtime, but for now the office hours will remain as 8:30am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:30pm.

The office will be closed on Aug 22 from 1:00pm-4:30pm. while staff participates in a team-building activity.

Elk Point Town Council will not hold a regular meeting on July 22.