The Heat take the win for their final home game of the regular season

The Lakeland Jr. B Lacrosse Heat played at the Centennial Centre in Bonnyville against the Vermillion Roar this past Friday. The score was 10-4 for the Heat, improving their record to 13-1-1. Head coach Dennis Hodinsky said it took the entire 60 minutes for the team to capture the win.

In the first

The first period started quite slow for the Heat as Tyson Coles (17) was the only player to fill the net.  Vermillion Roar giving the heat a bit of a run for their money, with a 2-1 score at the end of 20 minutes for the visiting club.

“We started out a little slow as you can tell, they were up two to nothing. And we really picked it up these last six minutes. Scored one and hit a few posts and holding them back,” said Tyson Coles.

Second period tie-up

Lucas Martin (78) filling the net right away in the second period and Vermillion answered right back. Not to long after Mitchell Bibeau (9) balanced the score 3-3 and the period played out as a stalemate.

“We show up today and see the other team only have seven runners, It’s not a lot for lacrosse lots of running. We thought it would be an easy game, but we get a little nervous, last two games of the season their important wins, and we’re just not putting it in the net,” said Taras Hodinsky.

Taking it in the third

The third period was where the Heat started to find the back of the net and give the fans a show. It was a seven goal period, with Taras Hodinsky (29), Mitchell Bibeau (9), Ethan Brown (66) and Lucas Martin (78) all netting goals. The game closed with an impressive 10-4  score for the Heat.

“Halfway through the third period we finally started to play our game, it was a little disappointing watching the first two and knowing what our boys are capable of, so we finally put it back together in the third and you can see what we can do,” said coach Dennis Hodinsky.

The Heat will be moving on to their final game this regular season, against the Sherwood Park Titans this Sunday on the road. Going into the next game this is what Hodinsky said the team will have to tighten up their game.

“Sunday, we play the Titans down in their barn, it will be a tough game they’re our top rival. We want to take it to them, we tied last time we played them and hopefully this time we can take the win.”