Heat blast Posse 11-3, only two games left in regular season

The Lakeland Heat secured another win to add to their tremendous record this season.

Playing their second last home game at the Imperial Oil Arena this on Saturday, the Heat won 11-3 against the Parkland Posse. That makes the Junior B Heat’s team record at 12-1-1 this season.

“Unfortunately, we started out really slow, we were kind of playing the self game instead of a selfless game. And we finally came out in the second where we started playing selfless, and move forward from there, and started scoring,” says coach Dennis Hodinsky.

The Heat established an uncontested seven-goal lead during the second period.

A big milestone by the Heat’s lead scorers Mitchell Bibeau, as he scored his 50th goal this season during the second period.

The first goal for the team was made by Brandon White and the final goal was made by Isaac Brown.

The third period of the game, however, became heated and the penalties were quite substantial.

The most dangerous moment was an illegal crosscheck by a Posse player right to Brandon White’s face causing him to hit the floor with suspense.

A penalty was called, and as the Posse player walked away toward the bench, White sprung up and charged at the player.

Thankfully, the referee and coach Dennis Hodinsky leaped into action to prevent White from doing any damage.

Both were ejected from the game with match penalties.

“It’s an emotional game and they’re young men and they’re trying to get that sort of under control. We ended up with two fives and they took kind of a cheap shot there, so try to keep the guys in control. Overall except that one incident, I think the boys did a good job staying in control and keeping their emotions in check,” said Hodinsky.

The Lakeland Heat are moving on to their final home game this regular season on Friday against Vermilion.

Going forward this is what coach Dennis Hodinsky has to say on the mindset of the players: “The mindset is to try to keep them focused because it is a 12 and 1 record, and that we don’t get complacent and we got to work hard every practice and every game.

“We’re not going to let off. That’s the nature I worry about, that we are going to let off and seem cocky if you wish, but we will try to keep it in control. Because any game can go anyway we have seen it across the league, that some teams that are down at the bottom take out one of the top teams, because every game is a new game.”