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M.D. of Bonnyville Council Highlights May 22, 2019



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Council Passes Dust Control And Rip & Relay Projects

Municipal District of Bonnyville Council adopted the 2019 Oiled Dust Control (hardtop), Rip and Relay, and MG 30 application on gravel roads project map, with the addition of one dust control for Ward 5 and up to six more dust controls in Ward 4. Two crews will begin working on the projects immediately, with the goal of completing the priorities by the end of the construction season. The map is attached.

M.D. Provides Road Maintenance To Pelican Narrows

Council agreed to immediately enter into a road maintenance agreement with the Summer Village of Pelican Narrows and to investigate boundary realignment options with the municipality.

Council agreed to provide maintenance assistance for the road between the Birch Grove turnoff and the border of Pelican Narrows (northwest entrance to Chateaux Estates). The M.D. will also help repair the gravel road between Birch Grove and Pelican Narrows for emergency purposes.

Wolf Lake Road Tender Awarded

Council awarded the tender for the Wolf Lake Road Bridge Replacement project to Location Cats Ltd. of St. Paul, at a cost of $619,059.03 plus GST.

The total budget is $749,000 (including engineering and contingency). There was $500,000 allotted for the project. The funding shortfall of $249,000 will be funded from Restricted Surplus – Capital Road Improvements.

Crime Prevention

The Crime Prevention Officer has concluded the latest group of community meetings held throughout the municipality. The meetings will start up again in September with a new topic of discussion. The meetings always result in Public Safety receiving requests for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) property surveys and vacant home checks.

The best crime prevention work is done during one-on-one meetings between the farmer, resident or business owner and the officer. Residents have been responsive to the vacant home check service and officers have numerous homes to check each night.

Officers continue to follow up on suspicious vehicle calls from the public, with some stolen vehicles being recovered as a result of the tips.

Weed Inspectors Appointed

Council approved the appointment of the following Weed Inspectors for the 2019 season to enforce the Weed Control Act for the Municipal District of Bonnyville: Matt Janz, Janice Boden, Michael Penner, Mackenzie Nachura, Leshae Mathews, Richard Shymchuk and Alex Ketsa.

Public Safety Update

With the nicer weather comes a higher number of dog and noise complaints. In the last few weeks, Officers have dealt with 29 dog complaints (running at large, chasing livestock, chasing and attacking other animals and cyclists). Officers also removed a dog from a home where it was being neglected. It has since been adopted by a new family.

The noise complaints consist of loud music, and, in Ardmore several complaints about a loud semi-truck. That complaint is currently under investigation. Public Safety would also like to remind OHV/ATV users to drive safely and to stay off of the Moose Lake walking trail.

There have also been various complaints about people dumping garbage. In one case, officers found identification. The person was contacted, and the officers found out the woman’s ID had been stolen last year. Complaints were also received about hauling companies not following the road ban limits, haulers being overweight and causing road damage, and using a route large trucks wouldn’t usually use. Some charges have been laid.

Officers also responded to complaints from a bus driver, who is routinely passed when their red lights are flashing while picking up children. An officer followed the bus and issued several tickets, with several more to be issued based on license numbers from the bus driver. The School Resource Officers have been offering a number
of programs including Right Choices, bike safety, girls’ self-defense classes and sessions on alcohol and cannabis-impaired driving.

Parks, Recreation and Culture Update

Some Kinosoo staff will be immortalized on film after appearing in the film Moments in Spacetime, which is being shot around Cold Lake, including at the ski hill. Ball diamond, playground and campground maintenance has started,
with our summer crews working at full capacity. Work is continuing on the Vezeau Beach boat launch. We’re currently awaiting approval for installation of anchors. In the meantime, existing ones will be used as much as possible to make the launch usable for this year.

Improvements are being made to the Vezeau Beach Campground – trees have been cleared, gravel brought in for
some of the camp stalls, crushed sewer line repaired, new tanks and outhouses installed and the wood compound re-stocked. Boat docks at all M.D. campgrounds are being installed this week.

All About Gravel

The Gravelling Program has started in the M.D. utilizing local truckers for the haul. The M.D. has created a list of available trucks and equipment to be used when selecting contract equipment for hire and when needed for delivery of construction and maintenance services. The Department of Transportation and Utilities maintains a list of available equipment/trucks which will be updated and renewed on an annual basis. To be added to the list, please visit http://bit.ly/MDTrucksEquipList and complete the form today.

Submissions are to be sent to the Transportation and Utilities office – in person at 61330 Rge. Rd. 455, via mail at 4905-50 Ave. Bonnyville, AB, T9N 2J7 or via email at [email protected] For more information, please call 780-826-3951.

Director of Transportation and Utilities Abid Malik also provided an update on the gravel inventory owned by the M.D. The total value of gravel, asphalt, and sand on hand is $31,540,942.04. There are four years left on the gravel haul contract, with 200,000 tonnes of gravel being hauled into the M.D. each of those years. The previous Council made the decision to stockpile gravel to save money in future years due to the fact there is limited gravel within the M.D. boundaries and the price of gravel was skyrocketing because of industry demand.

Funding Support

Council agreed to provide the Bonnyville Household Toxic Round-Up with $2,500 for the annual event, which will be held on June 22 this year. Council agreed to waive the rental fees for livestock panels and picnic tables for the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association races, presented by the Bonnyville Agricultural Society June 28-30 at
the Rodeo Grounds. Four additional tickets were purchased for the Bonnyville Senior’s Week Fish Fry on Sunday, June 9 at a cost of $120.


Council agreed to write a letter of support for Covenant Health to approach Grant McEwan University to set up a rural nursing program in the region.

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