Saturday , 1 October 2022
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Bonnyville dog park location selected

The dog park location in Bonnyville has been decided.

Town council approved the proposed location, south of 47th Avenue, on the west-end of town, (formerly Clean Harbours work camp) as the location.

Bonnyville mayor Gene Sobolewski says council is excited for the park to have a home.

The dog park would need enough room for dogs to roam and run around off-lease. It would be fenced to contain the animals to the park.

With those requirements, the town selected an area of land near the Ag Society Pro Rodeo & Chuckwagon grounds, as well as the Leon Paul Bougie baseball diamonds.

The park’s dimensions will be 122 metres by 183 metres.


“Now that we’ve selected the area, hopefully in short order, we’ll have a dog park for the mutts to go running around in,” smiled the mayor.

Some issues that were discussed regarding the park included its location. Councillor Chad Colbourne questioned whether the park was too far on the west-end of town. “I’m worried people will have to travel far to get there.”

Councillor Rene Van Bramant rebutted, “no matter where we put it, it’s going to be too far for someone.”

Once the trail project is complete, the park will also pass near the walking trail – making the location ideal for both town and M.D. residents.

The park would include an access road, parking area, fence and ability to add items in the future, such as agility equipment.

With the approved budget of $40,000 for fencing and set up of the park, Sobolewski is hopeful the project will be completed in the next few months.

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