Saturday , 18 September 2021

New fuel tank to be installed at Cold Lake Marina

The existing fuel tank supplying customers at the Cold Lake Marina will be replaced with a new tank capable of supplying both regular and premium fuels for boaters.

Work on the replacement is expected to begin this spring, and will take about four weeks to complete. The tank will be above ground and will include a structure to obscure its view to ensure it does not alter the facility’s aesthetics.

Refueling at the marina will not be possible while the existing fuel system is being replaced. The City of Cold Lake apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause and will work to ensure that the project is completed on schedule to minimize any impacts to service delivery at the facility.

“This project will make two types of fuel available at the marina, fulfilling a request that we have been receiving for some time,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “As one of our most popular summer destinations we want to ensure that the marina remains an exceptional attraction for locals and visitors alike.”

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