City supports U15 Alberta Zone Championships for $1000

The city is supporting an upcoming baseball zone championship.

The city will sponsor $1000 for the U15 Alberta Zone Championships being held in Cold Lake August 16-18 at Imperial Park with eight teams across the province coming to the city.

“These provincial tournaments are important for the area,” said Mayor Craig Copeland.

“Minor ball is hosting one mid-march. Council for now has allocated $1000 towards the sponsorship program and we’ll see once they get closer to the event if that’s going to be satisfactory for them. When you consider all the hotel stays, there’s a good return to the economy in Cold Lake,” he said.

In 2019, city council budgeted $60,000 for sponsoring functions, goodwill, and other activities for the staff and community. So far, they’ve spent $10,685 in the council goodwill fund.