NLPS still waiting for green light on construction dates at BCHS

Northern Lights public school board still isn’t sure when modernization BCHS may begin.

Communicators for NLPS Nicole Garner said it’s still a wait and see situation for the school and the board.

“The bottom line for it is not even though it’s going to be our school is not really our project. So we’re a little bit at the mercy of the province,” said Garner.

The final drawings and tender has not been put out either, said Garner, which puts the official construction start of August behind schedule to September or even later.

“So it’s hard for us to commit and announce that we’re doing something.

When the school board does know, they may have to make arrangements for students to work off-campus at the Centennial Centre.

“We’d like to get it out, because the parents know that they can plan for that when they’re making plans for their kids,” she said.