Saturday , 19 June 2021

M.D. council funding bleachers for Mudfest

The M.D. is choosing to spend towards infrastructure for this year’s Mudfest.

M.D. council heard a delegation from 542 Entertainment Inc. on supporting the yearly event. Council decided to spend toward building a set of bleachers for $12,000.

“The discussion from council on that one was that council would prefer to support infrastrucutre, so things that are going to stay in the ocmmuniyt, In this case we supported $12,000 towards bleachers. They found they had a shortfall on how many seats they had in the stands last year. And if they want tto grow the need more places to put the bums,” said Reeve Greg Sawchuk.

Outside of the event weekend, the M.D. says the bleachers could be used by local user groups for soccer or baseball tournaments

The entertainment group was looking for two sets of bleachers and an additional $10,000 to help with the marketing costs.

The M.D. had lent financial support to Mudfest in 2016 and 2017 but did not in 2018.

Parks and Rec Requests

M.D. council approved $5,000 each for both the Town of Bonnyville and City of Cold Lake’s Canada Day celebrations, and $1,000 for the Village of Glendon’s July 1 party.

Council approved the Riverhurst Hall 2019 Operating Grant of $25,000.

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