Thursday , 21 October 2021

St. Paul skate park project gets CFEP grant, construction slated for August

St. Paul’s skate park initiative has paid off.

The St. Paul BMX & Skatepark group received a Community Facility Enhancement Project grant from the province last week that will ensure the project gets started this year.

The $360,000 CFEP grant means construction at the skatepark will begin in August.

In late February, Reid said the CFEP grant would mean the project could go ahead without fears of funding.

“It’s a relief,” said Dan Reid, chair of the St. Paul BMX and Skatepark Society.

“It’s good news all around. I just signed the contract with them [province] this morning, now I just have to cross some T’s and dot some I’s and finalize the cheque being received.”

Reid and New Line Skateparks will shift their focus on the design details leading into construction.

The 20,000 square foot park will be built between Iron Horse Trail and 53rd Avenue at 49th Street.

The skatepark initiative is still looking for in-kind donations, said Reid.

They will compensate the dollar value of the donation with a gold, silver, or bronze sponsorship.

Potential in-kind donations:

-32mpa Concrete (wall/ledge mix)                      21 Cu M

-32mpa Concrete (flatwork mix)                          87 Cu M

-35mpa Shotcrete                                                72 Cu M

-Concrete Color Pigment                                     11 Cu M

-10mm Rebar                                                       5402 Lin M

-19mm (3/4″) Road Base Gravel                           182 Cu M

-Structural Pit Run Gravel                                     685 Cu M

-6ft Temporary Construction Fencing                  300 Lin M

-Track hoe (200+ size)                                          100 Hrs.

-Mini hoe                                                               77 Hrs.

-Skid steer rental                                                   3.1 months

-Compactor Rental (Smooth drum ride)               5 days

-Compactor Rental (1000 lbs plate)                      1.1 weeks

-Portable Washroom                                              13 weeks


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