Portaging students to success

On February 11, 2019, Interim President and CEO of Portage College, Nancy Broadbent shared the Board of Governors’ strategic priorities and the new graphic recording with all Portage employees.

“We’ve worked hard and collaboratively on these messages. Currently, there are students in our region that are not being adequately served. The College is ready to serve students, however, there are barriers that need to be addressed,” said Broadbent.

The College hopes this messaging will help more students in its region gain access to education. Funding, student supports and funded community based learning are marked in the strategic priorities as keys to success.

Once students receive training, surveys show that 70% of Portage graduates remain and work in the College service region, contributing to the Alberta economy.

“We encourage everyone to share our messaging and to support our local economy,” Broadbent concluded.