Thursday , 16 September 2021

In Elk Point: committee appointments, new street and sidewalks bylaw

Economic Development Committee appointments

Elk Point Town Council moved to accept the appointment of the following volunteers to the Economic Development Committee (EDC): Curtis Porcina, Ryan Hahn, Dwayne Vogel, Twila Stafford, Travis Warawa, John Zhang, Brant Evans, and Tyson Ballas.

The EDC will consist of three appointed members, (one from each of Town of Elk Point Council, County of St. Paul Council, and Elk Point Chamber of Commerce,) as well as these eight volunteer members with voting privileges. Applicants who were not appointed to the board are welcome to attend meetings, but will not have the opportunity to vote on motions.

As described in the Economic Development Bylaw, the mandate of the committee is to promote and stimulate economic growth by creating development strategies, supporting existing and new businesses, communicating with the community, and providing suggestions and input to council. Mayor Lorne Young sent his “thanks to these people who are stepping forward to help move our community forward.”

U had better not!

A number of older bylaws regarding parking and driving in Elk Point were amalgamated to create an updated “Streets and Sidewalks Bylaw” which reflects new legislation. Some points of interest include:

  • U-turns are prohibited on any street between intersections.
  • seasonal parking is from Victoria Day weekend in May until Labour Day weekend in September. During this time, vehicles, including trailers or RVs, may be parked along streets to a maximum of 72 hours. This allows parking for guests who are visiting in town, but deters residents from storing their vehicles on the streets. Regulations prohibit slideouts to overhang the road or sidewalks, and the vehicles must not interfere with the regular flow of traffic or with town maintenance.
  • any parade in town must have a permit.
  • turning across a lane of on-coming traffic or across the centerline of a street to angle park is prohibited.
  • pedestrians have the right-of-way on sidewalks over coasters, sleds, toboggans, skis, roller skates, bicycles, tricycles, toy vehicles and other conveyances.

The bylaws give homeowners the power to request vehicles be moved.

Penalties for infractions range from $75 to impoundment of vehicles.

Remove snow/protect the sidewalks

Residents are responsible to clear the snow from town sidewalks adjacent to their property, but are also responsible to keep the sidewalks in good condition. Council reviewed the Snow Removal Bylaw, which states that “no person shall cause any injury to any sidewalks by striking, picking, or cutting the same with a shovel, pick, crow bar, or any other instrument, or utilize any type of chemical causing a deterioration to the sidewalk surface.”

While it was acknowledged that residents should take all reasonable caution to protect the streets and sidewalks, Councillor Tim Smereka noted that some form of ice removal must be allowed for safety. Council agreed that “ice melt” will be acceptable.

Letters helped retain flow of oil

CAO Ken Gwozdz thanks community members, businesses, Elk Point Chamber of Commerce, MLA Dave Hanson, MP Shannon Stubbs, and Elk Point’s neighbouring communities for sending letters to the Government of Alberta requesting reduction in the curtailment level of heavy oil production in the area. Gwozdz said that the pressure really helped to convince the government to reassess the restrictions.

Drink up, but not on our tab

Council is looking at policies concerning alcohol at any Town or Council function.  While the Town may be involved in events where alcohol is served, Councillor Terri Hampson has brought forward that a request for decision (RFD) be drafted to clarify that alcohol and alcoholic beverages are not eligible expenses.

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