Saturday , 24 July 2021

Cold Lake Wings partner with Puur Athletics

The Cold Lake Wings have announced local retailer Puur Athletics has sponsored the team.

“Puur Athletics has come on board as the Wings’ official jersey sponsor for the remainder of the 2018-19 season and will continue as such into 2019-20,” said Wings spokesperson Andrew Heliotis said in a press release.

“The jersey emblem will be unveiled at our next home game on January 4, with representatives from Puur Athletics on hand to drop the puck,” confirmed Heliotis.

“When the idea of the Cold Lake Wings came up and I found out there was some controversy behind them and not as much community support as they required, I thought it was time to step-up and do for them what this community has done for Puur Athletics – and that was provide some needed support,” said Jennifer Grey, owner of Puur Athletics.

“The Wings would like to thank Puur Athletics for their commitment, and we look forward to continuing our partnership long into the future,” stated Heliotis.

Grey added, “I’ve coached power skating so I’ve been involved in the lives of a lot of young hockey players. The idea that these kids can actually get a scholarship from this team motivates and excites me to get involved.”

“It is because of community sponsors, like Puur Athletics, that we are able to offer a high-level, entertaining hockey experience for residents, both on the ice and in the community. It also allows us to provide our players with the best opportunities and resources for furthering their hockey careers,” said Heliotis.

The Wings will face the top team in the league, Edson Aeros Friday night at 7:30 pm.


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