Friday , 16 April 2021

Yellow Vests protest held in Bonnyville and across Country Saturday

The yellow vest protest has come to Canada. Originating in France the right-wing movement came out in full force across Canada Saturday. The movement criticizes the tax and immigration policies of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government.

“We are asking for political reform,” explained a yellow vest spokesperson on Saturday. “We are concerned with Bill C-69, the Pipeline Bill, we’re concerned with equalization payments, and immigration policies.” The group pointed out that they are not anti-immigration, but would rather see a more socioeconomic stance on immigration.

“Essentially, we’re trying to get Canadians back to work,” stated the group’s spokesperson. Referring to a protest sign, “silence is consent”, the group believes that people must come together and speak out about policies they do not agree with.

The protest began at 11:00 am local time throughout the country. In Alberta there were 11 protests in various communities. Around 40 protesters gathered at the Provincial Building in Bonnyville.

The price of oil plays into many people’s hardships. “When you’re sitting at 14 bucks a barrel of oil, naturally that’s going to hit the industry very hard. It’s not just here in the Lakeland, it’s Grand Prairie, Fort McMurray and all of Alberta.”

In Grand Prairie a convoy of over 600 trucks drove through the streets of the city to show their support of the oil industry and need for a pipeline.

The carbon tax is another point of contention for the Yellow Vests. “We’re looking to rectify (the tax). You can’t continue to ask from people who have nothing left to give.”

There are no direct leaders of the Yellow Vests. It is a people driven movement, “each individual person is a part of the whole”. The Yellow Vest organize via social media and can be found on Facebook at Yellow Vests Canada.

Posted in the “About” section of the group’s Facebook page:

“This group is to protest the Carbon Tax and the Treason of our country’s politicians who have the audacity to sell out OUR country’s sovereignty over to the Globalist UN and their Tyrannical policies. We are also against the government attempting to buy off the media in an election year and conspire with social media companies to censor our speech. We CANNOT have a free and democratic society unless WE HAVE FREE SPEECH and the ability to express it as far and wide as we wish. We are Canadian Patriots who refuse to allow this country to walk down the path of Tyranny. God Bless.”


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