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St. Paul Town Council Highlights – December 10, 2018

CAP Arena Operating & Capital Expenses

In 2017, St. Paul’s Recreation Department reached an agreement with the CAP Arena Committee. The agreement was that the Town would cover all operating costs in regard to the CAP. Meanwhile, the Committee would pay the capital costs. Prior to this arrangement, the Committee paid any deficits to the Town. However, this arrangement was never officially ratified or approved by Council. Town Administration thought it prudent to bring this matter before Council prior to establishing a budget for 2019. Council moved to accept the arrangement, and the motion was carried.

Fire Services

Currently and through the rest of the calendar year, the County and Town of St. Paul have entered into a Joint Fire Service agreement, which allows the County to utilise the Town’s fire services. This agreement expires on December 31, and Council discussed options for renewal and extension of the contract. Council agreed to extend the deal with the County for two more years, until December 31, 2020.

Further, Council also deliberated regarding the purchase of a new Fire Department Command Vehicle, to be used by the Deputy Fire Chief.

“The current vehicle that we own would be utilized by the Deputy Chief to carry out his duties assisting the other Fire Departments in the area,” said CAO Kim Heyman, “and the new vehicle would be used by the Fire Chief as a Command Unit.”

Council agreed to purchase a new vehicle for $40,000, plus another $12,000 to outfit the truck with necessary equipment and emergency supplies. The cost will come out of a reserve of $150,000 set aside specifically for fire department purposes.

Empty Lot

There is an empty lot located just west of the People’s Museum Society. Currently, the lot is being rented by Zarowny Motors, and is used as a staff parking lot and occasionally as a parking area for service vehicles. The People’s Museum Society approached the Town about obtaining the lot for their own purposes. But in a letter to the Town, Zarowny Motors expressed concerns about potentially losing the rented lot, saying:

“This property is extremely vital in our day to day operations. Without it, we would have no other option but parking 50 employees vehicles as well as some service customers in prime residential area. In doing so, we believe more objections would be raised from the private sector. This would be adding congestion and potential safety concerns to an already busy 51 Avenue.”

The empty lot sits just west of the People’s Museum Society and directly across the street from Zarowny Motors.

Zarowny Motors also stated that they are prepared to enter into a long-term lease agreement with the town, or even to buy the lot outright. Council made no firm decision regarding the matter, and CAO Heyman said that a decision will be made at a later date.



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