Wednesday , 4 August 2021

Devon Safe and Healthy Communities Grant Awarded to ÉNDHS

Pictured above left to right are Bobby-Jo Kirby-Graham (parent), Jessica Gillis (teacher), Vince Spila (principal) and Joe Teixeira (parent) accepting the $5000 grant from Devon Energy.

Devon Energy Corporation has awarded $5,000 to École Notre Dame High School through the Safe and Healthy Communities Grant.

This grant will allow ÉNDHS to grow fresh vegetables and spices indoors that students can use to prepare healthy snacks and meals. They will begin by introducing three Tower Gardens that will be used in Career and Technology Studies (CTS) and Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) Foods classes with the planned future expansion into the school canteen.

Teacher Jessica Gillis said, “The Tower Gardens will be a great addition to the CTF/CTS program at our school. The gardens will provide our students with engaging, practical and hands-on learning experiences that connect to all subject areas such as health, sustainability, food production, technology and engineering.”

The main learning outcomes of this initiative include:

  • Students will explore the basic steps involved in planting, growing and harvesting different plants indoors.
  • Students will use the fresh produce that they have grown to prepare a number of healthy recipes.
  • Students will prepare meals for community events using their freshly grown produce.

CTS Coordinator Amanda Wildman said, “This project will inspire our youth to engage in activities that are healthy and promote balanced nutrition and education.”

Lakeland Catholic School District would like to thank Devon for their investment in this valuable program.

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