Sunday , 11 April 2021

In Elk Point

CNRL requests support in opposition to Bill C69

Elk Point Town Council has agreed to a request by CNRL to write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna; and Chair of the Standing Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and natural Resources Senator Rosa Galvez “encouraging better consideration of industry and stakeholder concerns and urging the government to pause and review Bill C-69.”

As a player in the energy industry, CNRL echoes concerns expressed by Energy Citizens that “This bill will reform how major energy projects are approved in this country. The legislation will make the regulatory process more complicated, time consuming, legally vulnerable and ultimately erode public and investor confidence.”

Town councillors acknowledge the importance the energy sector plays in the local economy and voted unanimously to support CNRL’s request.

Extravaganza is November 23

Friday, November 23 is the annual “shop local” Extravaganza. Council has approved barricades at the following sites to facilitate the parade and downtown shoppers. The Elk Point Chamber of Commerce is hosting a fire pit on 49 Ave between Guardian Drugs and Co-op. More information on the event was included with utilities bills and is posted around town.

Members appointed to SDAB

A Subdivision and Development Appeal Board has been established with Lynn Proskiw as the chair and volunteer members Myron Goyan, Diane Peifer, and Don Schultz appointed by the town.

Arena maintenance

In a letter to council, the A.G. Ross Arena operating committee has requested help regarding the old concrete pad at the southwest corner of the building where the Zamboni dumps snow. The committee has asked the town to remove the old pad, strip the black dirt down to clay, and add some clay and gravel to create a new, larger, level base for the Zamboni to safely get in and out of the arena.

Since the weather turned cold before the work could be done by Public Works, council has approved to assist the AG Ross Arena operating committee when possible in 2018-19, mostly by removing snow a number of times each week from the immediate vicinity of the arena door and stacking it off to the side.

Foster Pet program

The new bylaw officer, Krysten Burton, has proposed that the Town adopt the Foster-A-Pet program. Under this program, an animal picked up during bylaw enforcement would be housed in the town kennel for a maximum of 48 hours, then would be transferred to a foster family for a maximum of two weeks. This would allow time to advertise and either rehome or reunite the pet with its owner before it is transported to the SPCA in Lloydminster. The program would be volunteer run, so would not incur further costs to the town. Council expressed interest and will consider a policy when it is brought forward.

Animal fines

A landowner fined for a renter’s unlicensed dog has requested clarification. In February, the Town sent a letter to notify the landowner that the renter’s dog was not registered. The landowner passed the letter on to the tenant. However, the tenant moved out of town without making payment. The Town recently reminded the landowner that the responsibility for the debt lies with the landowner.

Council has been steadfast in upholding fines or debts to the Town, and is determined to actively enforce bylaws without exception.

Live streaming of Council meetings under consideration

A bylaw from 1971 which states that “the Minutes of every regular Council meeting and other information concerning Municipal Subjects be published in the News Paper (sic) circulating the Town” initiated discussion regarding public awareness and engagement. While this council’s minutes are not published in the local paper, they are posted to the town website, and representatives of the press attend and report on regular meetings.

Council is now considering live streaming of meetings. A policy is under development for future discussion.

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