Saturday , 31 July 2021

You are Worthy

Kelly Falardeau is helping people realize they are worthy of love through her motivational speaking engagements across North America and now she’s coming to Bonnyville. As the keynote speaker for the Lakeland Women’s Conference, Falardeau will be sharing her story.

At age two, Falardeau was badly burned in a house fire. As a burn survivor, Falardeau was bullied as a child and often felt that she wasn’t enough, that she didn’t deserve love and that she wasn’t wanted or needed.

Those feelings of not being worthy of love continued throughout her life as she faced the everyday and extraordinary struggles. She has lived through a miscarriage, a divorce, the loss of her father and a pre-cervical cancer diagnosis. “I’m willing to be open and brave – and share my story.”

Learning she was not defined by her burns or the events of her life, Falardeau grew to know that she was so much more and her story was beautiful.

“You’re going to learn how to love who you are and your value, without having to change who you are or change your body,” Falardeau teaches self-love through her speeches; which promise to be inspiring. “I’m going to go deep and really share my story.” Being able to share her story allowed Falardeau to heal and to learn that she is worthy of love and that her life mattered. “Not a lot of people are willing to really open up and talk about what’s really going on in their lives; I am,”

Falardeau is one of over a dozen speakers at this year’s Lakeland Women’s Conference. There will be sessions on everything from entrepreneurship to finance to health & wellness.

Organizer for the this year’s conference, Diahann Polage-Aulotte, promises this year’s event will inspire. “We have some amazing local speakers. That’s what’s so great about the conference is you’ll hear from women from the area who are going through the same situations you are.” A list of speakers and break-out sessions is available is available at here.

Along with hearing from Kelly Farardeau, attendees will experience two break-out sessions with eight choices of sessions to attend. Along with the ticket price is two nutrition breaks and lunch.

The Lakeland Women’s Conference is November 16th at the Bonnyville & District Centennial Centre. Tickets are available at lakelandconnect.net/women.



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